Quotations are open for acceptance for 30 days from date of quote. To accept a quotation, please send us an email affirming your decision. Once a quotation is accepted by customer it becomes a binding contract, subject to these terms & conditions. Any cancellation must be confirmed by email and is subject to a 10% cancellation charge, plus any direct expenses already incurred at time of cancellation.

The scheduled installation date is subject to change in the event of bad weather or other causes beyond our control. 5 STAR Cedar Fencing will take all reasonable care but cannot be held responsible for minor damage to lawns, plants, shrubs, trees, garden ornaments etc. in the work area. Brick pavers, asphalt, concrete etc. removed for fence posts will be left neatly on site. Excavated soil will be spread evenly over surrounding area where appropriate or moved to another nearby, suitable location. New fence posts may not be installed in the exact locations as the original posts due to underground obstacles. Warranty is voided if new fence posts are wiggled or tampered with during the critical 72 hour curing period. We will ensure there are no gaps under the fence in excess of 4″ height, which can otherwise occur on sloped or uneven ground.

5 STAR Cedar Fencing carries liability insurance and will not bring any injury claim arising from the fulfillment of this contract. We cannot accept responsibility for accidental damage to irrigation lines or low-voltage wire unless these are clearly pre-marked. Customer is responsible for securing any necessary approvals, verifying property boundaries (including a property survey if required), ensuring fence height complies with bylaw regulation and obtaining neighbors’ permission for us to access their property if needed. For info on property boundaries visit info@bcassessment.ca. Customer will remove any items attached to the old fence. Customer will ensure fence is accessible and clear of debris or movable objects within 2′ of fence. Customer will provide a 120V electrical outlet and a water tap.

Warranty 5 STAR Cedar Fencing warranties its new cedar fences against defects in workmanship, metal hardware and fastener failure for 5 years. Wood is a natural product and subject to minor imperfections and changes brought on by the weather. Things like splits, checks, cracks, twisting/warping/shrinkage and mill marks are excluded from the warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by acts of God, vandalism, climbing, vehicle impact, swinging on gates, additional construction on the fence (by others) and normal wear and tear. Fading and discoloration is also excluded but is covered under our Wood Defender stain warranty. An application of Wood Defender to your new fence will greatly reduce the chances of wood defects. To make a warranty claim, first email us a copy of the original invoice including pictures and a description of the fence issue. Once we receive this and ascertain the issue is covered by our warranty we will repair or replace the defective part in a timely manner.

Payment No deposit is required at 5 STAR Cedar Fencing. Full payment is due and payable within 5 days after completion of the work according to the terms of the contract. GST is added to the invoice amount. Cheque, e-transfer, or cash is accepted. 2% per month will be charged on overdue amounts.

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