How to Buy Notes, Mortgages and Real Estate...

How to Buy Notes, Mortgages and Real Estate with your Self-directed IRA A road-map to tax-free wealth!

There are profits in acquiring listening skills, understanding needs and the correct use of probing questions to uncover note seller issues because that's what it's all about, the notes seller issues.

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This series is also backed with more than thirty five years of self-employed business experience and, with permission, organized around the Xerox Corporations Professional Selling Skills III sales training course.I sincerely appreciate Xerox Corporation allowing me to wrap their course around my past experience to help us self-employed business people benefit from their years of corporate experience in negotiation and sales. Hopefully you will find it as useful as I have.

Listening skills

Listening skills help you learn what your note seller needs are. Its easy enough to memorize open and closed probing questions to generate a response, but learning to listen and keep yourself quiet is a negotiation skill that must be practiced your entire career .

Why is it so hard to listen? It seems many people (including me) have some sort of uncontrollable need to finish sentences for others. Or nerves/excitement take a toll, you start talking, get off subject and lose control of the conversation.

For an eye-opening experience, test yourself by consciously taking an active listening role in your next business meeting or dinner conversation with friends. Its amazing what people will tell you and what you will learn. This is just what an effective negotiator does . . . listens and learns

Understanding Needs

A need is a lack of something required or desired. We listen and ask the Note Seller probing questions to uncover his needs all the while striving to match those needs to the many benefits of our note buying business.

Learning whether the Note Sellers needs are requirements , or whether they are desires , is helpful too. Knowing this allows us to weigh the importance of those needs.

Probing questions

Ask Probing questions to uncover needs

Obviously you have a good reason for saying that . . . do you mind if I ask what it is?

What are you looking for . . . ?

Faster turnaround time?

A reliable note buyer?

Required needs could be:

Cashier Check

Escrow funds two days before closing

Close with an accredited title company

Desired needs could be:

Closing held close to home

Close within 5 days

Sell the note to a local private investor.

Guaranteed funds at closing?

Relief from the thrill of management?

Sounds like it's important to close before the end of the month. Is that right?

Sounds like it is important to close with a local buyer such as myself, right?

Sounds like it's important to you there are no surprises at closing is that right?

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