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At Christmas, my parents generously gifted us with a new dishwasher and microwave, rounding out the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. About a month later, we'dhad itwith the laminate counter tops and bit the counter top bullet. I'd been eyeing Corian countertops for several months- I liked the solid surface (no way was I going to deal with laminate again) and the fact that they are man-made. Plus the color goes through the entire counter, so if there's ever a scratch we can just sand it out. We even went to Home Depot a few months prior to our purchase and picked out a bunch of tiles to choose from and then harassed asked everyone who came to our house to pick their favorite. Once we'd narrowed it down to 3 choices, I ordered 10x10 tiles directly from Corian. If you're going to make a large investment in counters, you won't regret spending the $15 per tile to see a bigger version of your teeny tiny sample tile. 2 of the colors we thought we liked we're gross in large tiles, and the one we we're just so so about wasgorgeousin a large tile (the tiny tile left out SO much detail). And we actually use the sample tiles all the time as trivets for our hot pots and pans- bonus!

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Anyway - lucky us, Home Depot was having a counter top deal. We ended up with a free sink, a discount on our color choice, 12 months no interest financing plus I think another 10% off the entire order or something like that- it was a great deal. We went with a single basin, under-mount stainless sink. LOVE. I'm never going back to a double basin sink again. The faucet is this one- we both wanted something with a pull out sprayer (not pull down) and only one hole cut in the counter (so we didn't have the soap dispense installed). So far it's been a great faucet- no complaints. Ok, without further ado:

Kitchen after counter top installation. The color is "burled beach" and is 10,000x prettier in person. Our kitchen doesn't get a ton of light because we have a lot of trees, so we went with something light to keep it from getting too dark in the kitchen (because painting the cabinets is 100% out of the question)

With the pretty new counter tops, the rest of the kitchen was looking a little bland with only wood, stainless and green. I had to spice it up a bit- we don't love clutter on the counters so colored accessories we're out. One day I happened to stumble upon a shade at World Market** that I knew would beperfect! Lucky me, it was on sale and the perfect size for the window (they've since sold out of this shade- insert giant sad face here).

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