Getting Rid of Paper Plans

This is an experiment, an effort to make myself do meal planning a little better. I've looked for vegetarian meal plans, and the free ones don't seem to exist. The ones I do, I save, but the sheets end up scattered. (Paper and I have a complicated relationship.) Now that Cass isn't eating any meat at all, it might be worth trying. I don't care if anyone reads this, it isn't intended to be that kind of blog.

I've been cooking mostly vegetarian for over 25 years, and during that time I've been everything from a strict vegetarian to a semi-omnivore, which I am at the moment. But at home I've been cooking vegetarian and some seafood, and now Cass has knocked the fish off the menu, so I'm back to veg.

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I don't exactly enjoy the whole every day nature of dinner making, and can't imagine that at this stage of the game that will change. I do best when I've got a plan for about five meals and I've shopped for them, since thinking up what's for dinner is one of the chores I don't enjoy. And Doug and Cass don't help. Doug says "Pasta", Cass says "Tacos." And since paper ends up all over the place and meal plans get lost, I'm going to try getting some sort of plan or system worked out over the next few weeks (and weeks) that I can recycle. Recipes and shopping lists will be included, and in my dream world it will be available on my phone for those time when I am extra unorganized.

Tomorrow I'm off to PCC, Seattle's local co-op answer to Whole Foods, for an overdue stocking up of some staples. I'll be going armed with a plan for a few days.

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