Turn-offs for buyers

Damaged or dirty cabinet doors are a big turn-off for buyers. But that's easy to fix. Most cabinetry can be re-painted after cleaning it and applying a coat of primer. Just check that the materials can take paint or whether you need to give any special preparation to the doors first. Alternatively, you can just replace the doors. There are companies that provide doors to fit existing kitchen cabinets.


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Another way to fix up cabinets is to replace the hardware, perhaps changing out-of-date fixtures for sleek, modern ones. This is a very cheap and easy way to update your kitchen.

Sinks and faucets

Try trading your faucets for more modern designs and replacing a damaged or very dirty sink.


People love modern stainless steel appliances. It could be a good investment to upgrade your appliances to the most modern designs to give your kitchen the 'wow' factor.


An easy way to update your kitchen is to replace the backsplash. Subway or mosaic tiles or a sheet of stainless steel are very popular right now, and this quick change can really lift the feel of the room.


Dairy, tired linoleum floors will turn off buyers. Try updating with tough laminate flooring or some tiles that tie into the rest of the kitchen.


Change the dcor easily by repainting in fresh, modern, neutral colors. A coat of paint can be a very cheap way to refresh the look of your kitchen.


Just by simply removing the clutter that accumulates on your countertops, you can freshen up your kitchen. Throw out things you don't need; put away others you use only occasionally.

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