A Splendid Impression to Start the Day

Another busy day of packing around here. My friend Hannah came this morning to help me get some things done. We packed all of the kitchen decoratives, another set of dishes, miscellaneous things from the laundry room, yet another box of craft supplies, and family pictures. It is unbelievable how much "stuff" there is in this house.

My goal is to get most of the packing done in the next two weeks so that I can rest a few days before the move. That way I will have good energy for unpacking.

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This morning, while we we're packing in the kitchen, I noticed that Frannie (the cat) was looking very defensive with her back arched and hair standing on end. I figured the must be a dog out there so I was about to go and scare if off when I realized that it was not a dog. I turned to my friend Hannah and asked her if there are bob cats here in Missouri and she said yes but they are rare where we are and you never see them. I told her, "Well there is one on our porch!" It stayed around long enough for us to get a good look at it. We just could not believe it came up that close to our house! It was right on the other side of the window!

We got enough accomplished this morning that I can take some time this afternoon to rest.

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