"I often hear the word 'wonderful' when clients describe...

"I often hear the word 'wonderful' when clients describe their experiences with Nick," commented John von Stemberg, Manager of the Mountain Lakes Office. "He works very hard to provide them with the best possible service and support, and in turn, customers regard him as one of the most personable and efficient individuals they've ever worked with."

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Hajrulla continues to take full advantage of the many continuing education opportunities available to Sales Associates. He recently achieved Cendant Mobility Relocation Specialist certification after participating in demanding Certified Agent Advantage courses and passing a written exam upon completion. Hajrulla is also currently attending classes in order to obtain his Broker's License.

A resident of Ledgewood, Hajrulla handles all types of residential real estate matters for clients throughout Moms County. He is a member of the Garden State Multiple Listing Service and the North Central Jersey Association of Realtors. With a background in finance and as an active real estate investor, Hajrulla possesses the knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure a smooth and successful home sale or purchase.

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